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  • We scientists welcome Scotland's GM-free status

    Scotland's decision to maintain its GM-free status is in the best interests of the country, its people and its farmers, 30 scientists write to Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead. It is abundantly justified by the scientific evidence and will support the…
  • Emissions cuts pledges too weak to achieve 2C 'safety limit'

    Thu 1:48pm
    Promises made by governments to cut their greenhouse emissions come nowhere near stopping global warming rising above the 2C danger level, writes Alex Kirby. And in many cases the laws and policies needed to deliver them are absent.
  • Support the Iraq war, hold the keys to worldly power

    Thu 12:16pm
    Supporters of the Iraq War dominate the UK's public institutions, despite its dismal failure. Why? Because it's the touchstone for adherence to the neo-liberal consensus and all its dogmas, writes Craig Murray, from TTIP to austerity and the corporate takeover…
  • Three trillion trees live on Earth - and we need every one of them

    Thu 11:15am
    Isn't three trillion trees enough to keep our planet healthy? It sounds like a lot, writes James Dyke, but they are under threat as never before, from deliberate deforestation and climate change. Many of the 1.5 billion trees we are losing a year are in the…
  • Keep glyphosate out of our food!

    Thu 7:24am
    Following scientific confirmation of the severe hazards to health caused by residues of glyphosate weed killers in food, the Soil Association is calling on bakers and retailers to stop 'pre-harvest' spraying on arable crops. The SA's Peter Melchett just sent…
  • Captive breeding - saving wildlife? Or saving the pet trade?

    Wed 7:23am
    The international pet trade presents itself as responsible and conservation-aware, writes Clifford Warwick - and a key part of the message is the idea that its animals are captive bred. But the truth is very different. Quite apart from the routine cruelty and…
  • Ocean plastic plague threatens seabirds

    Tue 11:25am
    Already 60% of seabird species have plastic in their guts, often as much as 8% of their body weight. And with ocean plastic increasing exponentially, that figure will rise to 99% by 2050, threatening some birds' survival. Unless we act.
  • The solar age is upon us

    Tue 6:28am
    Solar PV costs have fallen by 75% over five years ago, writes Chris Goodall, making it the cheapest new power source for around half of the world's population. Now it's essential to keep incentives to drive demand for a few more years, and make it cheaper than…
  • Climate change, Katrina and refugees: military solutions, corporate opportunities

    Mon 4:23pm
    Confronted with climate change, disasters and their human victims, governments are all to quick to adopt a security response, write Nick Buxton & Ben Hayes. We saw it in the US after Hurricane Katrina. We see it now in Europe. And there's a host of powerful…
  • Golden rice: the 'GM superfood' that fell to Earth

    Mon 2:29pm
    Golden rice was once hailed as the wonder crop that 'could save a million kids year', writes Glenn Stone. But in the 15 years since that bold prediction, the carotene enhanced GMO has been held back by persistent 'yield drag' and inconclusive nutrition…
  • Over 370 arrests for blocking NY fracked gas store

    Mon 10:43am
    Protests against plans to make an enormous storage site for fracked gas at Seneca Lake in New York state seven times bigger are gathering pace, writes Ashoka Jegroo, with 13 arrests at a gate blockade last week. But is the company, Crestwood, getting the…
  • Growing doubts over GMO safety: a scientist's experience

    Mon 8:16am
    Are GMOs safe? Up to a point, writes Jonathan Latham - provided you're not eating them. That's certainly not proven to be safe, indeed the hazards are numerous: protein encoding viral DNA fragments, herbicide metabolites, biotoxins whose operation is not…
  • The case for the Dorset badger cull

    Mon 7:21am
    The government is right to extend the badger cull into Dorset, writes Mel Squires in this 'right of reply' article. While culling badgers is only part of the solution of bovine TB, along with annual TB testing of cattle and badger vaccination, it is a…
  • We should all get three-day weekends - all the time

    Sun 3:14pm
    The effect of new labour saving technologies has been ... to keep us working as long as ever, or longer. But why? Certainly not for our benefit, writes David Spencer. It's to keep civil society suppressed, docile, in thrall to the power of capital. All the…
  • Brian May: I'll take Dorset badger cull to the High Court

    Sun 11:15am
    The government's decision of extend the badger cull to Dorset, and persist with the Somerset and Gloucestershire culls, is 'completely irrational', say badger protection groups - and now they intend to prove it in a High Court legal action, forcing an end to…
  • Framing the Climate Talks

    Aug 28, 2015, 2:00 pm
    Laurence and Alison Matthews explain how the framework for the Paris Climate Change talks are set to skew the debate and distract us from the real agenda which should be to find a global solution to a global emergency.
  • Ukraine sues anti-nuclear campaigners

    Aug 28, 2015, 1:49 pm
    Ukraine's state-owned nuclear generator is suing anti-nuclear activists in its latest attempt to stifle public debate over the country's ageing fleet of 15 nuclear reactors, while refusing to release information in breach of international obligations.
  • Pine martens' return could bring a red squirrel resurgence

    Aug 28, 2015, 1:03 pm
    The return of pine martens to central Ireland has been followed by a resurgence of red squirrels, writes Emma Sheehy. Now that the predatory mammal is being seen south of the Scottish border, the same could happen in England. The heavier grey squirrel is easy…
  • The Festival of Wellbeing: from economic growth to growth in wellbeing

    Aug 28, 2015, 12:46 pm
    Resurgence & Ecologist presents the annual Festival of Wellbeing, 10th and 11th October. A weekend of talks and workshops designed to explore wellbeing, happiness and sustainability.
  • Repowering renewables - a silver lining amid the gloom?

    Aug 28, 2015, 8:21 am
    The Tories' decision to scrap the UK's renewable energy sector deserves condemnation, writes Oliver Tickell. But there is a silver lining: it creates the space in which to design better, cheaper, more cost effective support mechanisms to drive the clean energy…
  • Aspiration versus climate change: can we win back the centre left?

    Aug 28, 2015, 6:34 am
    Commitment to action on climate change was once a banner of modernism adopted by by both Tony Blair and David Cameron, writes Leo Barasi. But no longer. The Tories have abandoned it entirely, while the Labour mainstream, in thrall to the twin narratives of…
  • Everything in the Garden Bridge is lovely!

    Aug 28, 2015, 5:33 am
    The Garden Bridge will offer a new kind of green space in the heart of the city, strengthening London's status as the greenest capital in Europe, writes Bee Emmott. It will benefit the health and wellbeing of local communities and visitors alike.
  • Government kills off UK solar industry

    Aug 27, 2015, 11:29 am
    The UK government is to cut support for domestic rooftop solar to 13% of current levels, with similar cuts for bigger systems, and end all support for small scale renewables by 2019. The likely result, and surely the intention, is to kill off the UK's solar…
  • To save our elephants, don't ban mammoth ivory - encourage it!

    Aug 27, 2015, 10:16 am
    There is widely held belief that there' only one way to protect rhinos, elephants and other endangered species poached for the international wildlife trade, writes Douglas MacMillan: a complete trade ban. But it's a dangerous misconception. By raising prices…
  • 'Plonkable' mirrors promise cheaper solar energy

    Aug 26, 2015, 2:07 pm
    The 'other' solar technology, CSP, which uses mirrors to concentrate the sun's rays, is about to get a lot cheaper, writes Jeffrey Barbee. A South African team has developed a low cost design suitable for mass production that can be 'plonked' on site straight…
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