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  • Environmentalists don’t like Europe’s new climate plan. Can Obama do better?

    25 October 2014, 8:12 am by: James West

    Oxfam and Greenpeace call out the new EU targets for being too low and unenforceable.
  • Climate change makes us want to punch someone, says science

    24 October 2014, 8:12 pm by: Sara Bernard

    The National Bureau of Economic Research points out the connection between climate change and ... bar fights?
  • Colorado’s fracking regulators aren’t regulating

    24 October 2014, 7:57 pm by: Heather Smith

    People who reported fracking-related complaints to the authorities were frustrated by the lack of response, researchers found.
  • 11 scary movies that are secretly about the environment

    24 October 2014, 6:15 pm by: Amelia Urry

    We are seriously ready to get our spook on, so here are some scary movies you probably didn't realize are actually about the environment.
  • Honey, climate change is shrinking the kids

    24 October 2014, 3:27 pm by: Jim Meyer

    A new study finds that rising temperatures have downsized mountain goats by 25 percent in just 30 years. Cute, but not good.
  • In Yolo County, YOLO apparently means stealing hives of angry bees

    24 October 2014, 2:37 pm by: Eve Andrews

    This buzzworthy new trend in food crime is taking hold in California.
  • Fusion won’t save us from climate change

    24 October 2014, 2:36 pm by: Ellie Johnston

    The latest fusion breakthrough comes not from that Asian/Mexican place down the block, but from Lockheed Martin. You’re wise to keep your expectations low.
  • In just 15 years, wind could provide a fifth of the world’s electricity

    24 October 2014, 2:24 pm by: James West

    The coming global boom in wind power will be driven largely by China's rebounding wind energy market.
  • Are enviros smart to back Republican Susan Collins?

    24 October 2014, 2:02 pm by: Ben Adler

    The Democrat in the Maine Senate race is the greener candidate, but environmental groups are still supporting Collins.
  • Walmart isn’t really green, just really big

    24 October 2014, 1:32 pm by: Sam Bliss

    Slate proclaimed Walmart the leader in solar power. The greenwashing must have worked.
  • What it’s like to have 30 oil & gas wells as neighbors

    24 October 2014, 9:01 am by: Tara Lohan

    If you're driving through the tightly packed residential neighborhood in south central L.A., you're liable to miss the whole operation.
  • All that light pollution is wasting energy AND making you sick

    23 October 2014, 8:23 pm by: Sara Bernard

    Our addiction to electricity is giving everyone jet lag.
  • Watch Werner Herzog and Patton Oswalt battle over big business, climate, lemonade

    23 October 2014, 7:21 pm by: Darby Minow Smith

    This hilarious short film has it all.
  • Scientists can now see fracker’s “fingerprints” all over polluted water

    23 October 2014, 6:42 pm by: Madeleine Thomas

    Scientists think they have a new tool to prove once and for all whether fracking is responsible for contaminating our water.
  • New climate time machine is not a DeLorean, but it’s almost as cool

    23 October 2014, 6:30 pm by: Jim Meyer

    The new software gives researchers a look at storms of the past. It also eliminates the danger of traveling back in time and accidentally kissing your mom.
  • This fracking protest is more like Bonnaroo than Occupy

    23 October 2014, 2:02 pm by: Sara Bernard

    Who wouldn't want to get down to Britney Spears' "Toxic" at a fracking protest?
  • Yes, this father and daughter started a condom company

    23 October 2014, 1:45 pm by: Eve Andrews

    When it comes to the sustainability of a condom, who's buying it might matter more than how it's made.
  • Big insurance won’t prep or pay for climate change, fails to see irony

    23 October 2014, 1:07 pm by: Heather Smith

    You'd think insurance firms have a strong financial incentive to get ahead of climate change-induced trouble. Think again, says a new report.
  • This is what happens when you crowdfund an awesome marine park

    23 October 2014, 12:54 pm by: Amelia Urry

    Is this marine protected area the Potato Salad of crowdfunded conservation or the future of national parks?
  • Food giants Cargill and General Mills believe in climate change. Will they defend themselves from…

    23 October 2014, 8:09 am by: Nathanael Johnson

    The ag heavyweights are coming to grips with the reality of global warming. But they're not ready to put their political dollars to work.
  • What’s better, synthetic or standard motor oil?

    23 October 2014, 7:03 am by: Ask Umbra®

    A reader wonders which lube he should use in his new car. Umbra has answers in a jiffy.
  • Teen killed in New Orleans believed in the power of food justice and gardens

    22 October 2014, 7:12 pm by: Brentin Mock

    George Carter, 15, helped transform the New Orleans school lunch culture into a healthier environment before he was murdered.
  • Attack ads from green groups feature the Kochs as much as the climate

    22 October 2014, 5:22 pm by: Ben Adler

    Watch some of the ads that hit Republican candidates for being beholden to wealthy polluters.
  • Will South Florida be the shortest-lived state in the union?

    22 October 2014, 4:31 pm by: Eve Andrews

    The mayor of South Miami is fed up with Florida's refusal to address sea-level rise, which threatens to wipe out the southern end of the state.
  • China’s coal use is actually dropping for the first time this century

    22 October 2014, 4:27 pm by: John Light

    It's a spot of good news in an otherwise gloomy news-scape.
  • Bette Midler knows the plastic we should REALLY be worried about (it’s not surgery)

    22 October 2014, 2:14 pm by: Amelia Urry

    Look who's calling attention to ocean plastics now -- the Divine Miss M herself!
  • Pumpkins’ biggest threat isn’t Mischief Night or Billy Corgan

    22 October 2014, 1:53 pm by: Sam Bliss

    California's neverending drought spares no plant, animal, or holiday tradition. Its latest victim: pumpkins.
  • Watch dinosaurs defend the Gates Foundation’s farm policy

    22 October 2014, 1:24 pm by: Nathanael Johnson

    Some food activists are not happy with the Gates Foundation's programs to help farmers. But why? We boil the issue down in a new video.
  • These teens are taking their climate lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court

    22 October 2014, 8:00 am by: Sam Bliss

    The premise of the case: The sky belongs to everyone, so governments must protect it.
  • Craft brewers join the fight against natural gas pipelines

    22 October 2014, 7:02 am by: Mason Adams

    At the base of the Blue Ridge, a battle is brewing over a massive pipeline designed to pull shale gas to the Atlantic Coast.

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