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  • What actually causes aging?

    Sat 7:57am
    When does aging really begin? Two Northwestern University scientists now have a molecular clue. In a study of the transparent roundworm C. elegans, they found that adult cells abruptly begin their downhill slide when an animal reaches reproductive maturity.A…
  • How bees naturally vaccinate their babies

    Fri 4:04pm
    When it comes to vaccinating their babies, bees don't have a choice -- they naturally immunize their offspring against specific diseases found in their environments. And now for the first time, scientists have discovered how they do it.
  • New study exposes negative effects of climate change on Antarctic fish

    Fri 10:14am
    Scientists at University of California Davis and San Francisco State University have discovered that the combination of elevated levels of carbon dioxide and an increase in ocean water temperature has a significant impact on survival and development of the…
  • UK Bog ecosystem threatened by climate change impacts

    Fri 8:03am
    An entire ecosystem is at risk from the effects of climate change on the UK’s blanket bogs, scientists at the University of Leeds have warned. These wetland habitats provide important feeding and nesting grounds for bird species including the dunlin, red…
  • Forests take years to rebound from drought

    Thu 5:38pm
    In the virtual worlds of climate modeling, forests and other vegetation are assumed to bounce back quickly from extreme drought. But that assumption is far off the mark, according to a new study of drought impacts at forest sites worldwide. Living trees took…
  • Making Tastier Wines with Fewer Pesticides

    Thu 10:00am
    Wine-making is steeped in age-old traditions, but to address the threat of pests and concerns over heavy pesticide use, vintners are turning to science. With the goal of designing better grape breeds, scientists are parsing the differences between wild…
  • Not all whaling is the same

    Thu 7:44am
    The Faroe Islands' annual 'grindadráp', in which hundreds of pilot whales are slaughtered with knives and hooks, is a horrifying spectacle, writes David Lusseau. But unlike industrial whaling it poses no threat to the species. And is it really any worse than…
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