Smart Preservation Leading Towards Earth's Sustainability

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    A future where 10 billion people's feeding desires are fulfilled, a future with clean and ample drinking water, a future where nature's blessings are preserved, still we route for a moderate and developed lifestyle.

    A future where nature and humanity join hands for generations to cherish. All of this is possible if we mold our lifestyles according to environmental governance concerns.

    Fewer Acres, More Food

    The need to feed millions has increased the demand for agriculture. Ultimately an increment in farming. The dependency of agriculture over fertilizers, abundant water supply, and land utilization drinks up to 70% of freshwater supply, globally.

    In addition to that, the usage of fertilizers is the cause of increased carbon emission damaging nature's equilibrium. As far as environmental governance concerns are taken into matter lesser land to produce more food with the help of satellite and local yield powers will be an add-on in extending agriculture without damaging nature.

    Reduction Of Overfishing

    Prior to the current statistics, around 84% of the global fish stocks will be threatened to death by the end of this century. The redundancy in fishing and lack of marine management systems have led to declining aquatic species.

    Conversely damaging the ecosystems and equilibrium of sea life. Taking into account the environmental concerns via AI and machine learning systems capturing fish at a sustainable rate is made possible. It will eventually help in identifying the data of fish caught and the number of species left behind to avoid overfishing.

    Promote Energy Optimization

    Uncertain climatic changes are one of the undeniable threats humanity and nature are prone to. With the reduction of resources emitting higher carbon percentages the prevention from catastrophic harm is possible.

    Since 56% of the global energy need has been increased lately, lack of optimized energy practices can generate a life-threatening state, globally. Hence, investment in reforestation, utilization of renewable energy resources, and shift of 85% energy usage to non-fossil fuel resources are the need of the time.

    Save Electricity

    Do you want to protect the environment via electricity consumption? If yes follow the suggestions to pay your part towards environmental governance concerns efficiently;

    • Consumption of incandescent bulbs
    • Consumption of smart thermostats and smart devices for powering electronics devices
    • Smart maintenance of HVAC system, go for energy saver options
    • Assure the allowed level of heat resistance within your residency, opt for ceiling fans

    Recycle & Upcycle

    How about getting creative with trash? This will not only satisfy your inner artist but it will save plenty of energy resources for the production of different materials too.

    If you can not opt for anything else, select materials which are easy to recycle. Since trash with non-recyclable material sooner or later becomes part of the landfill. Be wise with your selections here!

    Environmental governance concerns based upon climatic changes and societal injustices towards species besides humans with the consumption of natural resources threaten to destroy the fabric of environmental sustainability unless they are handled with proficiency.

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