4 Small Changes You Can Make to Battle Deforestation

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    By Partner EditorialsNov 9, 2020, 3:43 pm562 pts

    National Geographic estimates that 30% of the earth's landmass has a forest cover. What's worrying is the fact that this percentage is steadily dropping. Since the time humans started clearing away forests, the total number of trees on the planet has decreased by at least 46%.

    Adverse effects on the climate represent only some of the consequences we face after centuries of indiscriminate deforestation. Flooding, droughts, declining rainfall, and food shortages will likely affect human life even more than they already do as the years pass. The Red Cross reports a newly growing phenomenon - that of "environmental refugees" or people losing their homes because of unusual weather conditions.

    Climate Changes Affect Humans Across the World

    Climate changes related to deforestation are not restricted to locations where the forest cover is lost. Humans across the world will feel the impact. If you've always thought that a single person or one family's actions are not likely to make a difference, it's time to reconsider. Every person can make small choices in their day-to-day living that bring about radical changes in the planet's future. Not sure how that's possible? Here are a few ideas.

    Choose Certified Organic Food

    Organic food is farm produce that was grown without the use of certain pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Farmers across the globe are developing sustainable agriculture practices to bring you fruits, vegetables, grains, and other kinds of foods. Organic farming is beneficial to the environment since it incorporates methods like rotating crops and growing different plants for biodiversity. Conventional farming depletes the land's fertility and impacts soil quality while directly affecting the earth. You could do your bit to reverse the damage by switching to food grown using natural methods with the minimum of artificial processing. The more that people choose these foods, the most the demand for sustainability increases.

    Lower the Dependance on Animal Products

    Animal products strain the earth's resources in more ways than one. The demand for dairy and meat is another reason why producers resort to deforestation. Maintaining and processing livestock needs open tracts of land, machinery, water, and other inputs. An astonishing 83% of farmlands are used for animal rearing and release 60% of agriculture's greenhouse emissions. You could cut down on these emissions simply by restricting animal foods from your family's diet. Cut back on meat consumption or switch to a plant-based diet. You can even extend this choice to your pets with a well-researched vegan dog food.

    Wear Your Commitment to a Greener Planet

    Restoring the earth's forest cover is going to need the commitment of every human on the planet. You can help by raising awareness of the importance of conservation. Talk about your support for greener practices and restoring forests by sporting the reforestation bracelet. Made with recycled glass bottles and plastic waste harvested from the oceans, the brilliant green beads are a beautiful accessory that both men and women can wear. Up to 10% of proceeds from the sale of these bracelets are diverted toward planting more trees. You'll also contribute to community development projects for the women in Ghana who make these bracelets by hand.

    Avoid Reliance on Wood and Paper Products

    Choose alternatives for using paper, such as signing up for digital utility bills, receipts, and brochures. Get reusable grocery bags and recycle every bit of paper. Avoid printing documents for work and adopt the practice of printing on both sides of the sheet. Search for tree-planting projects organized in your town and donate your time and services to reforestation. Educate your kids about the importance of preserving trees and how deforestation affects the planet. Most importantly, avoid using products that contain palm oil.

    Deforestation and the adverse effects of felling trees impact not just present generations but also the future of all living creatures. Every small step in the right direction and each small choice can translate into significant changes. Let's get started.

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