What are the Benefits of Switching to an Environmentally Mobile Phone?

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    We are all aware that modern mobile phones provide us with numerous technological advantages. From talking to our friends or downloading the latest song to watching a video in 4K high definition, it is nearly impossible to imagine how life would be without these clever devices. Still, we need to be aware of the impact that smartphones can have upon the environment. There are many options to consider if you have been thinking about switching to a more green-friendly device. Let's take a look at the variables to keep in mind.

    The Synergy of Technology and Smartphones

    You might be surprised to learn that many companies have espoused a greener approach in regards to the construction of their mobile devices. For instance, Android has taken an eco-friendly stance when designing a handful of their most popular devices. The Fairphone 2 enables users to replace defective parts without being forced to purchase an entirely new model while the Sony Xperia ZR utilises energy-efficient designs to reduce its overall carbon footprint. However, these examples are only scratching the surface.

    Reducing Toxic Substances from the Very Beginning

    Larger corporations such as Apple and Samsung have to become leaders within the environmental revolution and they will eventually serve to set the bar for other fledgling organisations. Although it could be argued that some firms flouted the laws for a number of years, this is beginning to change. One example can be seen in the production of the Samsung Galaxy.

    This company has revolutionised the ways in which the Samsung Galaxy is manufactured. Not only have they eliminated harmful substances such as arsenic and PVC, but the packages that protect these units during shipping is now comprised of recycled materials. It is just as important to mention that advanced manufacturing methods signify that the prices of the phones themselves will not rise as a result of such approaches.

    Are There Any Drawbacks?

    It is an unfortunate fact that not all companies are embracing such an environmentally friendly edge. This is (currently) the case with specific manufacturers such as Huawei. Still, we are not claiming that such firms are ignoring the established laws. We are merely observing that they could do much more to protect the environment from a long-term point of view.

    Another concern involves the selection of models available which espouse green benefits. In truth, all manufacturers have begun to adopt the correct practices. The downside is that it can be difficult to independently verify the claims that are made. This is when personal research should come into effect. For example, older models of the Samsung Galaxy are not likely to adhere to current regulations. Another concern worth mentioning is that as a consumer, you will have to weigh the environmental benefits against your personal requirements.

    A Growing Trend

    Thanks to international regulations and the growing pressure placed upon major smartphone producers, the environment is much more of a concern than it was ten years ago. Still, the fact of the matter is that producing a phone with a negligible carbon footprint is not feasible with our current technology. A trade-off has to be made in terms of availability and the potential damages to the environment.

    Ultimately, online portals such as Broadband Choices are excellent resources if you hope to research the options available before making a final decision. This industry is advancing at a breakneck place and the technology involved is likewise progressing faster than many of us realise. The future looks bright and with any luck, greener than ever before.

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