Advances in Eco-technology Industry

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    Eco-technology is the use technology by human beings, with an aim of achieving the desires or their needs by manipulating natural resources without interfering or affecting ecological structure of the environment. Eco-technology raises the economy of a country, by increasing and encouraging investments in non-renewable sources of energy, called Green technology. This technology realizes high profits and many investors can invest some of the profits with CMC markets. The existing advances in eco-technology have caused a great impact in the society such as, improving economic growth and developments and also by improving the standards of living of the people. The following are the advances in eco-technology industry;

    Application of solar energy.

    This is the most common source of energy in the larger society because solar energy is freely and readily available in many parts of the world. Solar energy is produced when sun rays fall on a solar panel, then this rays are converted into electricity. Energy from the sun is regarded to be very powerful and does not interfere with the environment. The energy can be used in homes and can also be used to provide power to machinery in industries and factories because it is less costly compared to other sources of energy. Solar panels are cheaper nowadays compared to couple of years back, due to increase demand for solar energy which is cheap. Solar energy can be produced in large scale and then distributed to household at a cheaper cost. There is a new invention of a solar panel that can float on water surface. This advancement will be applicable to places with land shortage and it will facilitate mass production of solar energy.

    Production of tidal power.

    This is a hydraulic power that is produced from sea tides. A power plant is built under the sea and it is affixed with tidal turbines which works similar to windmills. The tidal plant causes minimal negative effects to the environment since it does not require excavation of land and also tidal turbines occupy a small space. Tidal plants are faced with a lot of maintenance challenges because the plant is built under water which makes it unfavorable for any work to take place. With the advancement in technology, the experts are designing plants which will need little or no maintenance and at a favorable cost.

    Geothermal power system.

    This is a technology that uses natural steam from under the surface of the earth in the production of electricity. The steam from the interior of the earth is at a very high temperature and pressure and is used to rotate geothermal generator. There is an innovation to produce man-made geothermal power in places where natural steam and saturated water are unavailable or are impermeable. The technology uses hot rocks from the earth, which are ingested with a controlled water supply leading to a production of steam required for rotating the turbines of the generator. This advancement has led to establishment of many geothermal stations especially in lands which were previously regarded unproductive. Geothermal power does not pollute the environments compared to fossil fuels which release a lot of carbon dioxide into the air which result to global warming

    Wind Energy.

    Finally, we have wind power which is produced from a fast moving wind. This energy is produced in the wind farms where there is a large collection of wind turbines which are connected to one generator. Power is produced when a strong wind rotates the windmills and the generator converts this mechanical energy into electric energy. For one to establish a wind firm, it will require a huge amount of capital and individual industries has formed organisations to share costs and to enable them to produce energy in large scale. Like other eco-technological methods of producing energy, it does not interfere with the ecological structure. Researchers are undertaking research programs to come up with an advanced technology of producing wind energy more efficiently.

    Eco-technology has played a huge role in maintaining the environment and in funds management. It has replaced fossil fuels which pollutes the environment and are costly in both production and consumption. Advances in eco-technology have resulted to a great impact in the economic growth and developments of many countries.

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