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  • SXSWeco Interview: Ian Hughes, Goose Island Brewery

    25 October 2014, 6:29 am by: Nick Aster

    Ian Hughes talks about sustainability at Goose Island - what the company has done and where they're headed in the future.
  • SXSWeco: Walter Wang Talks About Adaptive Gas Taxes

    25 October 2014, 5:28 am by: Nick Aster

    Walter Wang suggests that "Adaptive taxes" based on the quantity and frequency of filling up would be fairer and more efficient than the way gas taxes are currently implemented.
  • 3M, Cisco Systems, Kimberly-Clark Offer Employees Home Solar Financing

    24 October 2014, 6:30 am by: Tina Casey

    leading corporations 3M, Cisco Systems, and Kimberly-Clark Corporation have partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation and the National Geographic Society to offer their employees something that we're going to call "instant" solar financing.
  • Baker Hughes Fights Breast Cancer With Pink Fracking Drill Bits

    24 October 2014, 6:00 am by: Eric Justian

    Paint it pink. Why not? The pink-ification of just about everything to raise breast cancer awareness may have run up against its limits with pink oil drill bits. In a world with pink AR-15s, pink trash bins, pink soup cans, and pink everything else now…
  • Appliance Manufacturers Show How to Let Disruption Drive Development

    24 October 2014, 5:30 am by: 3p Contributor

    Appliance manufacturers managed to change with the times, providing a lesson for the rest of us in the importance of adaptation.
  • Report: Insurance Companies Still Unprepared for Climate Change Risks

    24 October 2014, 5:00 am by: Leon Kaye

    The most recent annual report by Ceres shows insurance companies are woefully unprepared for potential climate change risks.
  • CODA Automotive Back From Bankruptcy With Energy Storage Solution

    24 October 2014, 5:00 am by: RP Siegel

    CODA Energy formerly known as CODA Automotive spent four years trying to enter the EV market, and filed for bankruptcy last spring after selling approximately 100 cars. Now they are back trying to leverage their battery technology in the energy storage market.
  • Five Data Tools Used to Improve Water and Food Security

    24 October 2014, 4:30 am by: 3p Contributor

    As the world population soars toward 9 billion people, the demand for food is expected to more than double. Lack of water is a critical constraint to increasing food production, particularly as climate change makes water even scarcer. Big Data is helping to…
  • Incorporating ‘Green’ Into Your Business Practices

    24 October 2014, 4:00 am by: 3p Contributor

    Most companies are now implementing green measures because they improve corporate image and the bottom line. Here are some tips for greening your business.
  • Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Energy

    24 October 2014, 3:30 am by: 3p Contributor

    Two-thirds of people say there is not very much they can do to reduce household energy bills. This lack of awareness presents a massive opportunity.
  • SXSW Eco Interview: Sara Batterby on Women in Venture Capital

    24 October 2014, 3:17 am by: Nick Aster

    Sara Batterby is a partner at Elemeno Ventures, an angel investing firm based in Silicon Valley. I had the opportunity to talk to Sara at SXSW Eco this month about why so few startups, especially in tech, are headed by women - as well as why this problem is…
  • BP Op-Ed: Gulf Impacts Not So Bad!

    23 October 2014, 2:38 pm by: Jen Boynton

    BP is in hot water for publishing an "op/ed" from senior vice president of U.S. communications and external affairs, Geoff Morrell.
  • The 2014 Elections and the Road for Sustainable Business

    23 October 2014, 7:00 am by: American Sustainable Business Council

    While many campaign ads tout a candidate’s economic bona fides, often the reality and the rhetoric don’t match up. That’s why the ASBC Action Fund decided to take a look at a few races across the country to see how effective the candidates' proposed…
  • The Top 10 Solar States: You May Be Surprised

    23 October 2014, 6:30 am by: Leon Kaye

    The top 10 solar states, according to Solar Power Rocks, may just surprise you. New York comes in at #1, followed by Massachusetts.

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