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  • Outrage: Cop Who Killed Cyclist Not Facing Charges

    favicon Gas 2 Sun Aug 31, 6:00pm by: Jo Borras19 pts
    An LA County Sheriff’s Deputy won’t face charges for the death of ex-Napster COO Milton Olin, Jr., who was struck and killed by Deputy Anthony Wood’s patrol car as it drifted into the protected bicycle lane. The distracted Deputy took his eyes off the…
  • DENNY Urban Utility Bicycle Coming Next Spring

    favicon Gas 2 Sun Aug 31, 5:00pm by: Steve Hanley29 pts
    Earlier this year, the Oregon Manifest design contest set out to find the urban utility bike of the future. Five teams in five cities were challenged to design and build the ultimate urban utility bicycle with the winner determined by online voting. Now the…
  • Official: This Labor Day, low gas prices mean more cars on the road [w/video]

    favicon Autoblog Green Sun Aug 31, 3:20pm by: Sebastian Blanco36 pts
    Filed under: Etc., Green Culture It's not hard to understand, when gas prices go up, Americans sometimes drive less on national holidays. This year, though gas prices are lower than they have been right before Labor Day since 2010, and that means the American…
  • Ford hybrid sales rebound following MPG controversy

    favicon Autoblog Green Sun Aug 31, 1:20pm by: Brandon Turkus33 pts
    Filed under: Hybrid, Ford, Lincoln Ford hybrid customers apparently have very short memories. With two EPA fuel economy reratings in the last year, sales of the C-Max, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ haven't been too terribly dented, Ward's Auto reports. All…
  • Volvo Puts the Pedestrian Air Bag into Production

    favicon Gas 2 Sun Aug 31, 1:00pm by: Steve Hanley31 pts
    Volvo has built a solid reputation on its innovative turbocharger, diesel, and hybrid technology – but the company is really known for its advancements in automotive safety. From the three-point safety belt to a high tech system that can detect a pedestrian…
  • IndyCar 2014: Fontana, Will Power, and TK is Magic

    favicon Gas 2 Sun Aug 31, 12:00pm by: Jo Borras47 pts
    “It’s 15 years of hard work. I was crying as I crossed the line,” said a triumphant Will Power last night, as he was being crowned the 2014 Verizon IndyCar Drivers’ Champion. After finishing second in the points three times in the past, Power finally…
  • Quick Take: 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    favicon Gas 2 Sun Aug 31, 10:00am by: Jo Borras43 pts
    It was a bit unexpected, at first. By the end of my week with the 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, however, I’d learned my lines. “It’s the new Highlander,” I’d answer. “Toyota, yeah,” after the next question, followed by “the mileage is OK,…
  • Read This: There are ways to sneak Tesla Model S into Russia for just 6.5M rubles

    favicon Autoblog Green Sat Aug 30, 5:20pm by: Brandon Turkus20 pts
    Filed under: Sedan, Russia, Tesla, Electric Tesla Fever has extended far and wide, winning over critics and everyday enthusiasts alike. The company is rapidly expanding its efforts both in its home market and abroad, but for some of its wealthy fans, that move…
  • Volvo Will Build 3 Cylinder Turbo Engine

    favicon Gas 2 Sat Aug 30, 4:00pm by: Steve Hanley43 pts
    Not content to let its former-owners at Ford get all the 3 cyl. turbo glory with its tiny Ecoboost Fiesta models, Volvo is developing an all-new, 1.5 liter turbocharged 3 cylinder gasoline engine of its own! The new engine will be used in future versions of…
  • Quick Take: 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid

    favicon Gas 2 Sat Aug 30, 2:30pm by: Jo Borras75 pts
    If you were to ask me what I thought of Kia, I’d have said that Kias were the “Target” versions of Audis and BMWs. I’d have said that the Kia Stinger concept is a Target-brand version of the Audi Sport Quattro concept from the year before, for example,…
  • Report: Audi recalling 70k TDI models worldwide over braking problem

    favicon Autoblog Green Sat Aug 30, 1:40pm by: Steven J. Ewing64 pts
    Filed under: Coupe, Sedan, Recalls, Crossover, Hatchback, Audi, Diesel Audi is issuing a recall covering some 70,000 vehicles worldwide, due to problems with their brake boosters. According to Automotive News Europe, diesel-powered examples of the A4, A5, A6,…
  • Tesla Model S Is America’s Least-Stolen Car

    favicon Gas 2 Sat Aug 30, 1:00pm by: Christopher DeMorro40 pts
    The Tesla Model S has changed everything we thought we knew about electric cars, and it has send shockwaves rippling through an auto industry struggling comes to terms with this upstart from Silicon Valley. Tesla may also change how automakers look at car…
  • IndyCar 2014: Fontana Season Finale – Qualifying

    favicon Gas 2 Sat Aug 30, 11:30am by: Jo Borras34 pts
    There are two things people will be talking about at this season’s IndyCar finale at Fontana: the 2014 dominance of the Penske Chevrolet team drivers and Mikhail Aleshin’s horrific, airborne crash during Friday evening’s practice session. Five drivers…
  • GEM’s NEV Gets Driven

    favicon Gas 2 Sat Aug 30, 10:00am by: Jo Borras38 pts
    Earlier this week, I got a chance to drive a car that I’ve wanted to drive for over a decade. It’s called a GEM. It’s, basically, a glorified electric golf cart that can carry you and your friends from 0-25 MPH on public roads and in a moderate degree of…
  • Report: Tesla Model S rentals in the UK are crazy expensive

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 8:00pm by: Danny King16 pts
    Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Tesla Motors, UK The bad news about trying to rent a Tesla Model S electric vehicle in the UK for a day is that it will run you about $580. The good news? You get 200 free miles worth of driving. The good news? Considering British fuel…
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Van For UK

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 7:00pm by: Steve Hanley14 pts
    If you live in the UK, the government will give you up to $8,300 if you buy a plug-in hybrid vehicle for personal use. But if you buy a PHEV for business use, it will send as much $13,300 your way. And if you drive it exclusively for business purposes, it will…
  • NEVS' reorganization plan approved after all?

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 6:00pm by: Chris Bruce14 pts
    Filed under: Europe, Government/Legal, Saab What a difference a day makes. Thursday, we reported that current Saab parent National Electric Vehicle Sweden had its application for creditor protection denied by the Swedish court for being "vague and completely…
  • AWD Ford Focus RS Coming To America

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 6:00pm by: Steve Hanley14 pts
    Road & Track reports that Ford will bring an all-wheel drive version of the Ford Focus RS to America. That’s wonderful news for fans of hot hatchbacks, and apparently Ford wants a car in the US market that can compete with Volkswagen’s semi-extreme, 296…
  • California Requires Steering Wheel For Google Cars

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 4:00pm by: Steve Hanley10 pts
    Dmitri Dolgov, one of the leading software engineers on the Google autonomous car project, told Reuters earlier this week that the cars had been reprogrammed to allow them to exceed the posted speed limit by up to 10 miles per hour. The change was made to…
  • Audi 48 Volt Micro Hybrid System Explained

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 3:00pm by: Steve Hanley11 pts
    Today’s cars use more electricity than their predecessors – lots more. And it’s not just propulsion motors putting a strain on cars’ electrical systems. It’s also “convenience systems for dynamic chassis control,” according to Audi. The…
  • Lutz's Fisker-based WM Destino caught in Death Valley testing with changes

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 2:20pm by: Chris Bruce25 pts
    Filed under: Aftermarket, Spy Photos, Sedan, Performance, Chevrolet, Fisker New spy shots make it look like Bob Lutz's idea to convert the Fisker Karma into a fire-breathing sports sedan called the Destino might not be vaporware after all. Two of them were…
  • Google’s Project Wing Wants To Improve Delivery

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 2:00pm by: Christopher DeMorro14 pts
    This morning Google announced it’s latest ambitious enterprise, Project Wing, which wants to change what transportation and delivery as we know it. Under the control of Google X, Project Wing is in the earliest stages of prototype testing that Google is…
  • Report: Renault 141-mpg concept car coming to Paris. For real this time

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 1:00pm by: Sebastian Blanco40 pts
    Filed under: MPG, Renault Summer is winding down and, in the automotive industry, that means the auto show season is about to ramp up. The Paris Motor Show is just over a month away, and we're starting to get hints about what Renault is going to bring: a…
  • EV, Hybrid or Biofuel?

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 1:00pm by: Christopher DeMorro11 pts
    By Patrick Foot, financial markets writer at IG Arguing the relative merits of different eco-friendly vehicles from an environmental standpoint is both complicated and possibly a little redundant. Whichever gas alternative proves most popular amongst the…
  • Volkswagen Plans A Four-Door XL1

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 12:00pm by: Steve Hanley38 pts
    Now that the super efficient Volkswagen XL1 is in limited production, the company is prepared to tackle a new challenge by giving it two more seats and adding a pair of rear doors, reports AutoCar. The XL1′s mission is to go 100 kilometers on 1 liter of…
  • The Small Indiana City That’s Embracing Livable Streets

    favicon Streetsblog Fri Aug 29, 11:27am by: Angie Schmitt11 pts
    Kokomo, Indiana, has put resources and energy into developing streetscape features to calm traffic and provide more space for walking and biking, Aaron Renn reports. Photo: Urbanophile With a population of about 60,000 and a formerly industrial economy,…
  • Tesla To Build 400 New Charging Points In China

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 11:00am by: Christopher DeMorro13 pts
    One of the primary obstacles to EV ownership in China has been a total lack of charging stations, which has spurred buth private and public enterprises to resolve the problem. As China’s government is readying a $16 billion investment in EV charging…
  • Recharge Wrap-up: LG Innotek creates rare earth-free DCT motor, BYD reports increased EV sales

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 10:20am by: John Beltz Snyder53 pts
    Filed under: Biodiesel, Ethanol, EV/Plug-in, Manufacturing/Plants, MPG, China, BYD The US and Chilean navies have agreed to work together to develop alternative fuels for ships and aircraft. As a move toward better energy security, the two countries want to…
  • Video: BMW i8 Features Coming To Other Models

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 10:00am by: Christopher DeMorro18 pts
    With suite of high-tech features that includes LED headlights, the color heads-up display, and Surround View Camera System, the BMW i8 is one of the most tech-laden vehicles the German automaker has ever built. Too bad it’ll cost you over $136,000 to buy…
  • LG Chem Lands Huge Audi Battery Contract.

    favicon Gas 2 Fri Aug 29, 9:00am by: Steve Hanley10 pts
    Korea’s LG Chem says it has signed a major contract to supply batteries for Audi’s plug-in hybrid and micro-hybrid electric vehicles, reports Reuters. It places the value of the contract at “hundreds of millions of dollars” and expects the deal will…
  • Report: Ford Green Zone works magic with GPS to make your drive smarter, cleaner

    favicon Autoblog Green Fri Aug 29, 8:20am by: John Beltz Snyder35 pts
    Filed under: Emerging Technologies, EV/Plug-in, Hybrid, MPG, Ford For the most part, plug-in hybrids rely on the power stored in the battery until that charge is depleted. Unless the switch can be changed manually, it's only then that the cars fire up the…
  • Sakti3 Touts Low Cost, High-Energy Lithium-Ion Battery

    favicon Gas 2 Thu Aug 28, 9:07pm by: Steve Hanley11 pts
    Sakti3 is a seven-year old start-up based at the University of Michigan that last week it announced that it has perfected a solid state lithium-ion battery that costs considerably less than conventional liquid batteries and has double the power density. If…
  • Report: Tesla Model S now the least-stolen car in the US

    favicon Autoblog Green Thu Aug 28, 7:20pm by: Sebastian Blanco36 pts
    Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Green Culture, Tesla Motors When is a Honda Accord more appealing than a Tesla Model S? When you're a thief. The Accord continues to reign as the most-stolen car in the US but the Model S is now claiming a new and interesting title:…
  • Helsinki could make owning your own car a thing of the past

    favicon Autoblog Green Thu Aug 28, 6:00pm by: Sebastian Blanco12 pts
    Filed under: Emerging Technologies, Green Culture, Transportation Alternatives, Europe/EU Helsinki, Finland is no stranger to transportation alternatives. From EV testing to a solid public transportation system, the northern European city knows that private…
  • China To Launch $16 Billion EV Charging Program

    favicon Gas 2 Thu Aug 28, 5:00pm by: Christopher DeMorro13 pts
    China has not been shy or conservative when it comes to their electric vehicle ambitions, hoping to put a half-million EVs on its road in a few short years. One of the major obstacles to this EV plan though is a lack of public charging infrastructure, though a…
  • Saab owners NEVS denied creditor protection by Swedish court

    favicon Autoblog Green Thu Aug 28, 4:00pm by: Chris Bruce12 pts
    Filed under: Sedan, Europe, Government/Legal, Saab, Earnings/Financials The story of Saab is practically a Greek tragedy at this point. The quirky Swedish automaker that was once known as a pioneer of affordable turbocharging has been followed by years of news…
  • Recharge Wrap-up: EVSR returns to Mt. Washington, China Mulls $16 Billion For EV Charging

    favicon Autoblog Green Thu Aug 28, 4:00pm by: John Beltz Snyder22 pts
    Filed under: EV/Plug-in, BMW, Legislation and Policy, North America, Asia, China, USA, Racing, Videos Foxconn and electric carmaker BAIC are partnering to provide an electric car rental service in China. Slated to kick off next month in Beijing, Hangzhou and…
  • Millennials Love SUVs As Much As Their Parents

    favicon Gas 2 Thu Aug 28, 4:00pm by: Steve Hanley11 pts
    The media has been telling us for years that young people are not interested in cars the way their parents were. The reports suggest those born after 1980 are content to live in their parent’s basement, play video games, take public transportation, and do…
  • Hip-Hop Icons Love The Tesla Model S

    favicon Gas 2 Thu Aug 28, 3:00pm by: Christopher DeMorro8 pts
    It’s already been established the celebrities are big fans of the Tesla Model S and Elon Musk, with stars like Cameron Diaz and Seth Green getting their own electric luxury sedans. One particular sect of pop culture seems especially infatuated with Tesla…
  • Report: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV van variant coming to Europe

    favicon Autoblog Green Thu Aug 28, 2:20pm by: Danny King12 pts
    Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Mitsubishi, UK Mitsubishi's Outlander Plug-in Hybrid SUV will be hitting our shores this fall. Across the Pond, however, it's heading into more no-nonsense territory. That's because the Japanese automaker is making a commercial van…
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