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  • Today’s Headlines

    1h By Angie Schmitt
    New Jersey, North Texas, Tempe, Alabama Among Places That Would Lose Transit Funding Under Trump Budget LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Doesn’t Want WisDOT’s Highway (NextCity) 97 Percent of U.S. Population Affected by Traffic Noise Pollution (CityLab) Pennsylvania…
  • Parking Madness: Poughkeepsie vs. Fairfield

    Wed 3:19pm By Angie Schmitt
    Two parking-saturated Metro-North station areas are facing off, one on the Hudson Line and the other on the New Haven Line -- it's Poughkeepsie vs. Fairfield.
  • Transit Advocates Launch Call to Action Against Disastrous Trump Budget

    Wed 11:33am By Angie Schmitt
    Dozens of transit projects across the nation -- as well as walking and biking projects that count on funds from the TIGER program -- are under threat. Transportation for America is urging people to contact their representatives and oppose the cuts.
  • Today’s Headlines

    Wed 8:59am By Angie Schmitt
    Trump’s Budget Proposal Put Atlanta’s Transit Plans in Danger (WABE) Advocates Prevail Over Destructive Road Widening in Toledo (Toledo Blade) Houston Continues to Delay on Approving its Awesome Bike Plan (Chronicle) TransitCenter’s Jon Orcutt Talks to…
  • Parking Madness: San Bernardino vs. Chicago

    Tue 4:22pm By Angie Schmitt
    First round action continues, as the downtown parking lots by a multi-modal transit hub in the Inland Empire take on a suburban-style shopping center right next to a Chicago train station.
  • Are Women Really More Risk-Averse on Bikes, or Just More Honest?

    Tue 3:28pm By Michael Andersen, PlacesForBikes
    A researcher raises some interesting skepticism.
  • Soon DC Employers May Pay People to Not Drive to Work

    Tue 11:35am By Angie Schmitt
    With a "parking cash out" policy, employers who provide employees with parking benefits also give the equivalent value in cash to workers who don't car commute. Now a version of that idea has been introduced in the DC Council by members Charles Allen, Mary…
  • Today’s Headlines

    Tue 9:00am By Katie Pearce
    Texas High-Speed Rail Ramps Up DC Lobbying (The Hill) San Diego Weighs New Taxes to Beef Up Transit (SD Union-Trib) In Minnesota, Metro Area Subsidizes Rural Transpo (StarTrib) Redfin: Transit Access Increases Home Values (Silicon Beat) St. Louis Streetcar…
  • Parking Madness: Toronto vs. Medford, Massachusetts

    Mon 2:17pm By Angie Schmitt
    It's Parking Madness season at Streetsblog, and if you're just joining us, this year's competition is all about how we sabotage transit by surrounding stations with huge fields of parking. First round action continues today as Toronto takes on the Boston…
  • Why Is Transit Ridership Falling?

    Mon 11:43am By Angie Schmitt
    Transit ridership took a turn for the worse in 2016. In all but a handful of cities, fewer people rode trains and buses, and it's not just a one-year blip, either. In many American cities, the drop in transit ridership is an established trend. The big question…
  • Today’s Headlines

    Mon 8:55am By Katie Pearce
    Trump’s Empty Rhetoric on Infrastructure Has Been Exposed (NYT) Transit Industry and Rail Advocates Blast Trump’s Budget (Progressive Railroading) In Chicago, Cycling Enforcement Discriminates Against Black People on Bikes (Chicago Trib) WaPo: Trump…
  • Parking Madness 2017 Tip-Off: St. Louis vs. Sacramento

    Fri 3:12pm By Angie Schmitt
    Welcome to the first match in the first round of Streetsblog's 2017 Parking Madness tournament, our 16-city bracket highlighting the worst "parking craters" in North America. This year, we're focusing on a specific type of parking disaster: transit stations…
  • Talking Headways Podcast: Don’t Take Either Party for Granted

    Fri 2:00pm By Jeff Wood
    This week we’re time-warping back to a different era -- last October, and the Shared Use Mobility Summit in Chicago. Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun Times hosted this panel featuring the Metropolitan Planning Council's MarySue Barrett, the Shared Use…
  • Think of Trump’s Budget as an Attack on Cities

    Fri 11:24am By Angie Schmitt
    Yesterday Donald Trump released a budget outline that calls for severe cuts to transit, and the reaction was swift and scathing. The National Association of City Transportation Officials called it "a disaster" for cities. Transportation for America said it was…
  • Today’s Headlines

    Fri 8:59am By Katie Pearce
    16 Big Transit Projects That Would Be Toast Under Trump’s Budget (WaPo) Cuts Could Imperil Seattle Rail, Gateway Project, DC Metro (Seattle Times, Bloomberg, Washingtonian) How Cities Would Feel the Budget Pain (Curbed) Long-Distance Amtrak Routes Under…
  • Busting the Myth of the “Scofflaw Cyclist”

    Mar 16, 2017, 3:08 pm By Angie Schmitt
    According to a certain perspective that seems to hold sway among local newspaper columnists, bicyclists are reckless daredevils who flout the road rules that everyone else faithfully upholds. But the results of a massive survey published in the Journal of…
  • Trump’s Budget Takes an Axe to Transit

    Mar 16, 2017, 10:04 am By Angie Schmitt
    The Trump administration has released its budget blueprint, and it's a bloodbath for everything that's not defense spending. In keeping with the budget's general hostility to cities, transit would be hit especially hard.
  • Today’s Headlines

    Mar 16, 2017, 8:29 am By Angie Schmitt
    Trump Budget Is a Disaster for Cities and Transit (WaPo, Vox) Housing Advocates Fear Big HUD Cuts (WaPo) Trump Likely to Face Congressional Resistance to Scorched-Earth Budget (The Atlantic) In Detroit, Trump Hypes Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards…
  • Wichita Upgrades Guerrilla Plungers to Permanent Bike Lane Posts

    Mar 15, 2017, 3:13 pm By Michael Andersen, PlacesForBikes
    Two weeks after two rows of toilet plungers set up to temporarily protect a Wichita bike lane went viral, the city of Wichita has decided that come to think of it, those plungers were making a pretty good point.
  • If You Want to Know Trump’s Infrastructure Priorities, Focus on His Budget

    Mar 15, 2017, 11:41 am By Angie Schmitt
    Donald Trump's big infrastructure plan is still more of a rumor than an actual plan, leading to widespread speculation about his transportation priorities. But we don't have to wait for major new legislation to get a clear sense of what the White House thinks…
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