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  • Burying Solar Not A Noble Cause

    12 October 2014, 11:33 am by: Chip Martin

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar. Marc Antony, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene 2 By…
  • 5 Things To Know About Solar Politics

    15 August 2014, 4:28 pm by: Chip Martin

    This post originally appeared on PV Solar Report. It is cross-posted here with permission. By Carter Lavin The politics that surround and shape the solar industry can be confusing and hard to navigate. We as an industry must have a richer understanding of…
  • Xcel Has More Faces Than Eve

    30 July 2014, 9:02 am by: Chip Martin

    By Chip Martin, Special to RGB In 1957, 20th Century Fox produced a movie called The Three Faces of Eve, starring Joanne Woodward as Eve White, a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) who has…
  • The Artificial Price Point on Energy

    24 July 2014, 9:29 pm by: Scott Cooney

    There is a term that is often used in the debate of renewable energy whenever there is discussion of adding tax credits for renewable energy or when the cost of energy from renewable sources is discussed. Typically it is being said by somebody that is…
  • Can’t We Get A Restraining Order Against Xcel Already?

    1 July 2014, 7:58 pm by: Chip Martin

    By Chip Martin, Special to RGB In the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction, Glen Close’s delightfully insane stalker character Alex Forrest famously proclaimed to her victim Dan (Michael Douglass), “I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, DAN!” Alex, you have nothing on Xcel…
  • More Efficient Wind Power Builds Towards Renewable Future

    17 June 2014, 10:30 am by: Guest Contributor

    So far, the story of US renewable energy transformation has skipped a key chapter, which is the exploitation of our massive offshore wind power potential The post More Efficient Wind Power Builds Towards Renewable Future appeared first on Red, Green, and Blue.
  • Desperation, Is Thy Name Xcel Energy?

    9 June 2014, 5:23 pm by: Chip Martin

    By Chip Martin, Special To RGB About 10 days ago, I wrote about the exciting push toward municipalization in Colorado, and how the citizens there were working to free themselves from the yoke of Xcel Energy oppression.  As I wrote then (at the risk of seeming…
  • Coloradans Have Nothing To Lose But Chains

    29 May 2014, 1:37 pm by: Chip Martin

    By Chip Martin, Special To RGB As most of you who read me regularly know, I am all about smashing the regulated-monopoly-utility racket that currently holds us hostage. They’ve never faced real competition before, and now rooftop solar poses a significant…
  • Obama creates new National Monument, GOP tries to strip him of that power

    26 May 2014, 5:30 pm by: Guest Contributor

    By Meteor Blades President Theodore Roosevelt designated the first National Monument, Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, in 1906. It was the first of 138 such designations by 16 presidents. Last week, President Barack Obama signed the most recent designation, the…
  • Why Sunrun Added REC And Joined With Sungevity

    13 May 2014, 8:39 pm by: Chip Martin

    This article originally appeared on Solar Wakeup. By Yann Brandt, Managing Editor of SolarWakeup Residential solar is the fastest growing part of the solar market and some of the major players in the sector have been making big moves. Recently, Sunrun acquired…

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