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  • How To Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Trap, Screen And Vent

    14 August 2014, 4:07 pm by: youngpl

    One of the easiest ways to keep your dryer running efficiently is to clean out it’s lint trap, screen and vent. Overtime lint, (aka “formerly known as your clothes”), will build up in these areas and prevent your dryer from moving air efficiently,…
  • How To Clean Your Dryer’s Moisture Sensor

    14 August 2014, 3:22 pm by: youngpl

    Making sure your dryer’s moisture sensor is clean and working properly is a great way to ensure your dryer  is using energy efficiently. The moisture sensor does what it says it does–senses moisture. If you use the “auto-dry” setting on your clothes…
  • Scared About The Sustainability Crises? How To Relieve Fear and Take Action

    11 August 2014, 10:59 pm by: alexisstaley

    When I first found out about all the sustainability issues that the world was having with the controversial heat wave and corporate sludge drips into water systems– I admittedly felt a little panicked. I watched a few popular films on the topic and found…
  • How To Install And Use A Timer Strip for Energy Savings

    6 August 2014, 7:41 pm by: youngpl

    A power strip can significantly cut your electric usage and bill. It does this by eliminating or reducing what are known as “phantom loads”. A phantom load is the amount of energy your electronic devices draw while they are either idling or turned off…
  • How To Test And Maintain Your Car’s Tire Pressure

    5 August 2014, 9:20 pm by: youngpl

    Checking and maintaining your cars tire pressure is an easy way to ensure it’s running efficiently. Not only that, it will help to reduce wear and tear, improve safety, improve gas mileage, saving you money in both gas and repairs over the life time of the…
  • Easy Maintenance Tips For Your A/C Unit to Improve Energy Efficiency

    5 August 2014, 7:21 pm by: youngpl

    Maintaining your A/C unit, regardless of style, is a great way to keep your home cool and using energy efficiently. Did you know that by just regularly cleaning your A/C’s filter you could improve its efficiency by as much as 15%? Also, by simply shading…
  • Satisfy Your Sensual Side with Nature

    4 August 2014, 8:06 pm by: alexisstaley

    Many people love our modern systems of heavily flavored delicious food, bright colorful media outlets and flashy appearances because it feeds our senses. Humans function primarily through their sensual eyes, mouths, noses, ears and hands. Stimulation of these…
  • How To Install And Use Your Smart Strip

    31 July 2014, 8:11 am by: youngpl

    Installing and using a smart strip can be a great way to save money on your monthly electric bill. While this isn’t true of most new electronics, it’s quite common for older electronic devices to draw energy while they’re in both standby mode or…
  • Are You Aware Of What’s In Your Drinking Water?

    31 July 2014, 2:52 am by: youngpl

    Access to clean drinking water is essential for any community to survive and flourish. In fact, it was this need that compelled the Romans to build a series of aqueducts in 14 different countries, with their longest aqueduct spanning 250 kilometers! Now, just…
  • How To Check For Air Leaks Around Your Doors And Windows

    30 July 2014, 8:08 am by: youngpl

    Did you know that air leaks throughout your home contribute, on average, an extra 10%-30% on your electric bill? Given that the average american electric bill has only been rising for the last 10 years, finding and fixing these air leaks could be more…

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