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  • 5 Simple Questions You Need To Ask Of All Your Trash

    7:04am By TerraCycle
    Before simply tossing your trash, TerraCycle asks you to think about these 5 questions to find an alternative to the landfill. The post 5 Simple Questions You Need To Ask Of All Your Trash appeared first on Green Living Ideas.
  • Protect Our Lands with National Public Lands Day (September 30)

    Wed 7:11am By Andrea Bertoli
    One-third of America's land is in public hands, so let’s help our public lands continue to thrive for all to enjoy. Join National Public Lands Day to help clean, restore, and love the land where you live.…
  • Composites Get Cool and Cooler for 2017

    Aug 30, 2017, 8:43 pm By Sponsored Content
    Composite decking is popular with consumers seeking decks that have longevity while maintaining a wood-like appearance. Find our why this building material is better for your deck and better for the planet.…
  • Climate Change and the Oceans

    Aug 28, 2017, 7:42 am By Andrea Bertoli
    The temperature and the currents of the ocean are changing dramatically in the face of climate change. Learn what NEEF has to say about Climate Change and the Oceans The post Climate Change and the Oceans appeared first on Green Living Ideas.
  • The 5 Plastics That Nobody Should Be Using

    7:45am By TerraCycle
    We are endangering the long-term well-being of the planet because of a desire for short-term wealth and material objects, many of which rely on cheap plastic inputs. As a consumer, the power to purchase is directly in your hands. Here are five plastic products…
  • How To Reduce Food Waste (and Save Money)

    Aug 17, 2017, 9:34 pm By TerraCycle
    With supermarkets and grocery stores packed with cheap food brands and prepackaged goods, it’s no wonder we overconsume and overdispose. But buying too much too often and paying less attention to the ways we can save means that as much as 40 percent of the…
  • All you need to know about Copper Recycling

    3:57am By Sponsored Content
    Copper has many amazing properties, but one of the most important is that it doesn’t degrade after multiple rounds of recycling.  Recycling scrap copper can reduce the energy input and amount of emissions as compared to when metal is extracted from its ore.…
  • Choosing More Sustainable Pet Food with Annamaet Petfoods

    Mon 5:06pm By Sponsored Content
    Annamaet Petfoods was founded to give the best nutrition and food to your pets: learn why a veterinarian wanted to start a sustainable pet food company, and how your fur baby can benefit from switching to more sustainable pet foods.…
  • 4 Simple Ways To Go Green For Back To School

    Jul 21, 2017, 7:11 pm By TerraCycle
    Students, parents of students, and anyone who was ever either or both of these can relate: Back-to-school season is a time for new beginnings, and this too often means new "stuff." Now is a prime time to reevaluate your habits, schedule, and routine as they…
  • Oven Leaking Hot Air? Here’s how to Fix an Oven Seal

    Jul 7, 2017, 9:47 pm By Guest Contributor
    Ensuring that your oven is sealed properly makes better baked goods and improves efficiency. Here's how you can easily and quickly fix an oven seal. The post Oven Leaking Hot Air? Here’s how to Fix an Oven Seal appeared first on Green Living Ideas.
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